We believe in a just transition.
    • Shearwater actively supports the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and contributes towards the advancement of the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG's) 


  • We conduct our operations with sensitivity for the societies and environment in which we operate constantly pushing the technological and operational boundaries as we work toward a responsible future.

    The way we interact with the earth is always evolving. To responsibly access the natural resources that the world needs, our actions need to be guided by knowledge and understanding. In Shearwater we continuously work to find better ways in measuring the earth, joining forces with our clients and partners to provide safe, affordable and responsibly sourced energy.

    Our approach is based on four pillars:

    Environmental Impact

    Social Engagement

    Opportunities & Governance

    ESG Integration & Culture

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To learn and understand more of what is required to secure a sustainable future, we are partnering with: