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Annual Reveal Student Project Award

As a contribution to the future of the next generation of geophysicists, Shearwater GeoServices have introduced the Reveal Student Project Award.

Students are invited to submit their final year projects, with prizes presented to the seismic processing projects that demonstrate exceptional geophysical understanding and innovative use of the Reveal Software platform.

The awards will run each academic year, all seismic projects are eligible to enter, providing they are part of the student's formal studies and feature processing conducted via the Reveal platform. Shearwater welcomes all academic institutions using Reveal to have students enter.

The winner of the RSP Award will be presented with £1,000 with two runners-up receiving £500 each.

  • Judging Criteria

    Geophysical understanding

    Processing fundamentals

    Results obtained

    Novel methods or applications

    Impact of project

    Innovative use of Reveal

  • Rules

    Projects must have a significant Reveal usage

    Projects must form part of the formal studies in the academic year

    Students may only enter once

    The projects must be the work of one student – joint submissions are not allowed

    The submission must be your own work and in no way plagiarized

    Project must not have been in conjunction with Shearwater, or during a Shearwater internship

    Reports are to be written in English

    Entry deadline: 17:00GMT 20th September 2024

Submission Procedure

If you would like to submit your entry for the 2023/2024 academic year please send your Reveal processing project report and supporting material (set out below) to the following email address:


Submission information

Submission format - PDF or MS Word preferred.

In addition to your processing report you are required to provide contact details, proof of student status and information regarding your eligibility to enter - this should include (but not be limited to) the University attended, the course undertaken, and the contact details of the course director/tutor.

Your submission must be attached with all accompanying data files. Submissions with information missing or in an unreadable format will not be considered.

Entries must be received by the advertised date, late entries will not be considered.

Winners will be contacted and, once confirmed, announced in early October.

Terms & Conditions

The judge’s decision will be final.
No alternative prize will be offered.
No correspondence will be entered into regarding submissions.
The competition is free to enter.
Winners will be announced via the Shearwater social media platforms.
Winners will be contacted via the details provided, if the winner does not respond within one week Shearwater reserve the right to withdraw the award.
Shearwater will take no responsibility for issues caused if incorrect details are provided.
Shearwater will not share your personal details with third parties. These details are to be used for the award only and not marketing purposes.