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Shearwater is a marine geophysical company that innovates collaboratively from sensor to image
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  • Shearwater is a marine geophysical company that innovates collaboratively from sensor to image. The process of development is a continuous loop, between people, technology and platform, involving hardware and software. 

    We develop entire systems, for ocean bottom and towed streamer marine geophysics, from measurement to final processed images. We believe technology will remain instrumental in solving the industry’s challenges of tomorrow.


    Our company is built on the shoulders of the great innovators in the geophysical industry, giving us an exceptionally strong foundation on which to build future technology. We combine the experience with modern tools and processes, to support strong teams developing processing and imaging software, and marine geophysical acquisition systems.


As a company, it is our belief that for new technology to be successful, it needs to be built in collaboration with you, our clients, in a transparent and mutually beneficial way. We have ongoing collaborations to develop our Reveal processing & imaging software, and our future acquisition technology. When our technology is commercialised to clients, we believe that there shouldn’t be ‘black boxes', and that there needs to be openness with our clients about how things work, and what they deliver.

Our Teams

We have research and development teams based in Oslo, London, and Houston, co-located with operational support. The teams collaborate across projects with operational teams, but also with clients on their challenges.

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