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Our Industry has always placed an overriding importance on Health and Safety and at Shearwater, we acknowledge the duty of care that we hold, for the Health and Safety of our employees and contractors.
We demand safe behaviour from all our stakeholders and encourage it as both a personal and professional value. Our Managers maintain a personal commitment for upholding the QHSE culture of Shearwater and are directly held to account for its performance. We hold the firm conviction that all uncontrolled incidents are preventable and aspire to zero injuries and zero spills.

Shearwater’s QHSE Management System is fully compliant with ISM and ISO 9001, and is aligned with IOGP guidelines, ISO14001 and ISO45001 standards. We have implemented best-in-class Integrated Management System software to actively facilitate and transparently communicate QHSE compliance. The system's architecture is based on the ISO model, and the software is widely used in other hazardous industries where compliance to safe working practices is paramount.

Our fleet of modern seismic vessels provide inherently safe working environments for their crews, with proven seaworthiness and spacious back-deck layouts. Their well-tested but seldom-used redundant propulsion systems allow any one of them to be confidently deployed in extreme environments, or in and around existing oilfield infrastructure. The technical capabilities of our vessels provide a cornerstone for safe and efficient surveys.

Marine seismic acquisition projects can be exposed to unique and variable hazards depending upon where in the world prospects are located. Our extensive experience within the industry enables us to thoroughly identify potential hazards, accurately document their effects and secure the appropriate resources to mitigate the residual risks to acceptable levels.

Shearwater promotes the use of proactive, leading indicators that are specifically configured to reflect the level of QHSE effort from the workforce. Calculation and publication of such indicators are used, for example, to actively monitor trends in the safety culture of each crew over the duration of a project, or between two vessels. Continually improving upon the performance of these indicators drives our ongoing effort towards our goal of zero loss, zero harm and zero rework.

Shearwater's Employees and Assets are well proven. We are ideally placed to understand your concerns, meet your expectations and to deliver safe, efficient projects.