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​Case Study: Pop-up Processing Centers

Shearwater has developed a strong level of experience and continues to look for good opportunities, where setting up a local center rapidly can support our customer’s needs.

Historically setting up processing centers has often meant buying locally or importing High Performance Computing hardware and setting up a dedicated processing center. Shearwater has experience and can support this type of operation and can offer deploying our Monsoon cloud approach, where a suitable cloud facility can be utilized.

Shearwater has used both approaches setting up centers for remote activities in India in recent years. In 2017,  Shearwater created a traditional processing center in Mumbai to support in country operations because India has strict data sovereignty rules requiring all data being processed to stay in country. This deployment was rapid but required significant investment in infrastructure and Information Technology Support. The center ran successfully and was very well received by our customers until early 2018, at which time Shearwater effectively demobilized the operation.

In late 2020 Shearwater re-entered India with a processing center in Noida, Dehli. This benefited from startup expedited by use of in country cloud infrastructure with Monsoon.  Low capex required to start this type of operation and low exit costs enable Shearwater to operate efficiently and pass on attractive possibilities to our customers.



    • Monsoon allows Shearwater to work along side our customers in an integrated environment.

    • Shearwater Mumbai Processing Center Operational 2017 to 2018.

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