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​Case Study: Offshore PreSDM Brazil

Shearwater is the leading global provider of offshore seismic acquisition. Recognizing this we offer a comprehensive range of the highest quality onboard processing services using our significant onboard processing capacity to match our customer needs. Depending on what our customers' needs are and the length of time it will take to acquire a survey we can provide service from Real Time data QC, through post stack and pre-stack time migration all the way to Pre-Stack Depth migration in complex environments even when there is no pre-existing depth imaging model.  

By now everyone knows how to work well from home. At Shearwater with the systems and cloud readiness we had in place it was a simple step for us to move to Geophysics from Home at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These same systems enable us to do more than work from home. We are now able to use this same kind of collaboration techniques to work with remote colleagues in our pop-up processing centers and increasingly with our marine seismic vessels.

Onboard Processing is an important part of Shearwater’s complete Sensor to Image business.

Recently we completed a complex Pre-Stack Fast Track Depth Migration, fully onboard a vessel offshore Brazil for a survey in excess of 10,000km2. This included Depth Model building with Tomography and Salt body interpretation for top and base salt. Clearly all the required geophysical expertise wasn’t on board the boat, which is typical for this kind of project. 




    Fast Track PreSTM

    Fast Track PreSDM

    Data example courtesy of TGS.

For this kind of project, we would not expect to find all the required geophysical expertise on board the boat.

Model-builds like this requires expertise and lots of interaction between our Shearwater Geophysicists and our customers. Cloud, collaboration tools and modern transfer technologies were key to the success of this project.

Smart compression and satellite technology is an intrinsic part of the picture when we talk about interacting with our vessels. We have access to our own and other industry leading compression solutions to help us today and are engaged with next generation satellite developments that will offer many additional possibilities for onboard processing in the future. 

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