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Bringing the power of cloud computing to Seismic.
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  • What is Monsoon?

    We are bringing the power of cloud computing to seismic.

    Monsoon is Shearwater's digital environment that delivers flexibility by simplifying data access and promoting collaboration seamlessly, via the cloud. Shearwater has invested in many different initiatives with a cloud-based focus, and we have chosen to group these in a program we call Monsoon.

    Who is Monsoon for?

    Monsoon is for clients that seek the project experience of Shearwater’s acquisition and processing departments with the convenience of modern computing solutions. Some things you will recognize in the flexible way that we work already, but others will be new developments. Our commitment to Monsoon means that our approach to cloud-based solutions will continuously develop. 


By utilizing the flexibility of the cloud alongside our on-premises solutions, we can be nimble and adaptable.

The market still requires high performance, on-premises computing to handle the large data crunches that have historically caused bottlenecking problems in our industries’ dedicated processing centres. Today, with the cloud, these resources can be flexed to perfectly meet our customers’ need. By scaling resources according to demand we can be highly productive, retaining the flexible and competitive nature that Shearwater is known for.

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Monsoon enables us to truly collaborate globally. Our teams’ and our customers’ teams can be better engaged - working together as one - maximizing the shared value of information to achieve the best results.

Through the recent periods of lockdown, we were able to adapt how we work highly effectively. Moving from the traditional office environment to “geophysics from home” seamlessly. We are taking this further. We have improved how we interact with our geophysics’ teams in remote locations or onboard our vessels. This is enabling us to push further and create more value at earlier stages.


We are harnessing the power of the cloud to give unprecedented access to project data securely.

Whether it is access to Shearwater’s Processing and Imaging teams’ test results, or the need for Shearwater geophysicists to access key data shared by our clients, or rapid access to final deliverables, we can simplify the data exchange, minimizing data movement and duplication. We can use either internet connections or cloud transfer devices depending on circumstances, all while still honoring data sovereignty regulations that challenge how we work.

At Shearwater we are not pushing our customers to use our cloud or any other specific cloud environment. We can select the environment to match our customers plans, geography, or economics. We recognize that efficiency comes when we minimize data movement, and that our customers have not all converged on one provider. Monsoon takes an approach that is cloud provider agnostic, ready and able to operate on all major platforms, fitting with our customers own internal programs.

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