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​Offshore QC and Processing

Optimise your acquired seismic data with advanced onboard QC and Processing  
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  • Shearwater's onboard QC and processing is setting a new industry standard with shot-by-shot far field estimation and QC using the near field hydrophones. Our onboard QC and processing are available on all our seismic vessels.

    We use the same Reveal processing software system that is in our onshore processing centers. The onboard facilities allow for real time quality control of seismic data and high-end Fast Track volumes to be provided as part of the acquisition service.  

    Standard Onboard QC Processing:

    Real Time QC Data Flow

    Offline QC Data Flow

    Broadband QC Data Flow

    QC Brute Stack for every line

    RMS analysis values (Bar) are calculated to quantify both noise and signal level in pre-determined target zones 

Advanced Onboard QC Processing:

Seismic Interference Removal & Online QC

Real-time De-noise using FX-Swell

Source QC using far field signatures generated from near field hydrophones

Identifying & normalising variations in streamer sensitivity during acquisition 

Data can be delivered directly to cloud as part of our Monsoon offering either via satellite or cloud transfer appliances. Please contact us to discuss your project data delivery needs.

Marine Onboard Quality Control Services

Optimise your seismic data with Shearwater’s industry-leading Quality Control tools

Shearwater’s onboard QC provides real time analysis of the recorded data quality thus allowing fast correction of smaller problems as well as optimal decisions on re-shooting. This ensures a high-quality data set while also maximising efficiency. 

Real Time Quality Control 

Shearwater not only provide all the industry standard Real Time Quality Control (RTQC) tools but also produce industry leading displays which can really make a difference and are truly real time. The displays are monitored by highly-trained staff which combined with our advanced techniques mean that even minor problems are picked up quickly. 

Real Time Quality Control Highlights: 

Integrated observer and QC geophysicist team

Shot-by-shot far field estimation from near field hydrophones to produce an auto-correlation with the ideal source

Seismic interference monitoring using real time Common-P amplitude maps

Swell noise removal in real-time viewed on both shots and stacks to give an accurate assessment of noise levels

Shots, stacked near fields, near trace, source comparison, cross-feed QC, noise graphs, RMS maps all available in a fully customisable display

Significantly reducing the need to re-work with our QC technology 

Offline Quality Control

Shearwater’s offline QC products provide a comprehensive view of the data for our highly experienced geophysicists to ensure that all the details of the data are recorded and addressed fully. 

Offline QC Highlights:

Experienced processing geophysicists performing the QC

All products ready immediately at the end of line ensuring quick results

Specialist QC products available to evaluate the optimal acquisition setup at the start of survey

Efficient and detailed QC and analysis of the data using the power of Reveal

Full suite of products produced both on the vessel and synchronised with an onshore server as soon as they are ready

A set of start-up checks performed for each survey 

Fast Track Processing

Optimise your seismic data with Shearwater’s Fast Track onboard processing.

Shearwater’s onboard processing provides interpreters with a high end Fast Track product that allows early interpretation. The Fast Track sequence is designed in collaboration with each client and all the technology used in onshore processing is available on our vessels with delivery typically within 6 weeks of the survey completion.

Shearwater has permanent, advanced Fast Track capabilities on all our vessels and highly experienced processing staff with more than enough hardware to complete intensive processing sequences onboard the vessel. We produce a wide range of Fast Track products, from Post-Stack Migrations to full 3DSRME PSTM/PSDM sequences.

Shearwater's onboard and onshore processing and imaging teams work closely together to ensure we deliver the same quality on our vessels as in our offices. Depending on our client needs we will split the Fast Track processing between the vessel and a dedicated team onshore with a seamless transition. 

Fast Track Processing Highlights:

Dedicated supervision

Source de-ghosting, de-signature and de-bubble derived from the near field hydrophones (one signature per survey)

Receiver de-ghosting

Linear and swell noise removal (multi-domain)

Seismic Interference removal

Overlapping shot de-blending

Full Set of de-multiple tools (SWME, 2D/3D SRME, Hi-Res Radon, Deconvolution)

Velocity picking (2nd order and 4th order)

3D Regularisation


Data can be delivered directly to cloud as part of our Monsoon offering either via satellite or Transfer appliance. Please contact us to discuss your project data delivery needs. 

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