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​Wide-Azimuth Acquisition and Undershooting

For Complex Imaging 
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  • Imaging beneath complex overburden such as salt, carbonates and basalt with traditional marine seismic acquisition has always been challenging. Much of the challenge results from the lack of variation in the azimuths of the recorded seismic raypaths.

    Advanced acquisition techniques, such as multi-azimuth (MAZ), wide-azimuth (WAZ), rich-azimuth (RAZ), and full-azimuth (FAZ) designs are engineered to address the illumination problems inherent in traditional narrow-azimuth marine seismic. These types of surveys improve signal-to-noise ratio and illumination in complex geology and provide natural attenuation of some multiples.

    Shearwater has a track record in acquiring these types of surveys. Technology such as: streamer steering; single sensor recording; large steerable calibrated source arrays combined with improved shot repeatability; better noise sampling and attenuation; and the capability to record during vessel turns, all contribute to improved imaging in challenging areas. Shearwater's large fleet includes three multipurpose and two source vessels which can be used as dedicated source vessels for, wide/rich/full-azimuth surveys, undershooting and VSP projects.

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