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​4D Acquisition

High quailty time lapse seismic 
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  • As the time-lapse seismic method is applied in more increasingly challenging areas, it becomes important that monitor surveys accurately repeat previous acquisitions. Only then can observed differences between the surveys be confidently assigned to changes in the subsurface. 

    Shearwater’s time-lapse seismic acquisition solutions address these challenges, improving hydrocarbon recovery and ensuring cost-effective field operations. The towed streamer systems used by Shearwater contain features that enable high-quality time-lapse seismic acquisition:

    Source systems that allow shot-by-shot estimates of the source signature, so that variability in source signature, particularly of the source bubble train, can be compensated for

    Low noise, solid streamers that allow the recording of high-quality broadband data

    A dense acoustic positioning system, providing very accurate receiver locations

    Steerable streamers and sources that allow the accurate repeating of source and receiver positions from the previous survey

    Time-lapse planning software and online control systems onboard that combine information about the planned survey coordinates with real time information to proactively and automatically steer the vessel, sources and streamers to occupy the pre-defined locations

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