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Qseabed multicomponent ocean bottom cable 
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  • The Qseabed system is a cabled multicomponent ocean bottom seismic system with a global track record dating back to 1999. This includes surveys in the North Sea, the Caribbean, Angola, the Mediterranean, and the Arabian Gulf. 

    It is a single-sensor acquisition system with fully calibrated hydrophones and three-component (3C) accelerometers. This is complemented by unprecedented levels of positioning accuracy and industry-leading source options. Qseabed crews can record data from up to four cables, each with a maximum active length of 30km, and can operate in water depths down to 1500m. This supports flexible survey design options that improve efficiency and minimize the acquisition footprint on irregularly shaped surveys while maximizing the fold.

    Today the Qseabed system is the system of choice for many operators acquiring multiple high quality 4D datasets. This proven system delivers reduced survey time, cost and equipment exposure.

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