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​Reveal Academic Licenses

We see the value in placing Reveal in the hands of students.  

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  • We believe students should be exposed to the most relevant seismic processing package in the industry, assisting them in their learning journey and helping to build strong foundations for their future careers in geophysics.

    Our university program places Reveal in institutions for the teaching of seismic processing, for use during student projects, and as a tool to facilitate academic research. The innovative interface and usability of Reveal enables students to maximize the processing potential of geophysical data for their studies.

    Our global footprint has already placed Reveal on many campuses.

Choose Shearwater Reveal now, and prepare your students for 21st Century Geophysics.

Application Process

To apply, please send an email to sales@reveal.shearwatergeo.com with the following information:

Recent publications that are related to seismic processing

Intended usage

Names and titles of expected users and their experience with seismic data

List of seismic processing software recently used by the users

Full legal name of institution, whether the institution has non-profit status, person with signing authority, and the contract point of contact 

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