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Not all users are the same – every client is an individual. 
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  • The variety of challenges in seismic processing are matched by the innovative ways in which geophysicists meet them. Each challenge needs a different set of tools, some standard and some bespoke. Our stable, but always advancing platform, puts a powerful toolbox at your fingertips.

    As a complete seismic processing suite, Shearwater Reveal can read your data from the field tapes and process all the way through to your final imaging stacks. What's more, you can incorporate and edit well logs as part of the complete package.

    Reveal has a comprehensive set of tools and also offers licensees their own development environment. The Python, C++ and Java API gives you the flexibility to develop and incorporate your own algorithms within Reveal and to run your own code efficiently. Your custom tool will be available to drop into any Shearwater Reveal flow you create.

    We offer further flexibility by allowing a number of differing input/output formats and supporting the use of Seismic Unix tools inside our GUI.

The robust design of Reveal means it can run on a laptop in the field or on the largest super computers in the industry.

Minimum System Requirements


8GB RAM (Recommended - 64GB RAM)

Standard Graphics Card

Dual Core Processor (Recommended - Quad Core Processor)

4K Resolution is dependent upon users local DPI configuration

Reveal will not run on CPUs with ARM architecture (e.g. aarch64)

CPU type must support AVX which has been available on all Intel / AMD processors since 2011


Linux based system

Requires x86_64-bit RHEL compatible 7/8 (moving to 8/9 from Stable Build 6+)

Requires Python 2.6 or 2.7 (not included)

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